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Thread: Is virtual pinball worth it?

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    Default Is virtual pinball worth it?

    I know nothing about pinball. IÂ’m more into video arcades and whatnot. Lately IÂ’ve been watching many videos on what I thought was new but noticed that it has been around for about 10 years. IÂ’m talking about virtual pinball. IÂ’m super interested in getting one but they are super expensive! Pinball cabs in general are ridiculously expensive! The reason why I ask if itÂ’s worth it is because I found someone near me whoÂ’s selling a virtual pinball cab ready to go for $2,000. I just want to ask the pinball community if thatÂ’s a good price for one before I take the plunge?
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    I spent $3000 building one from scratch. Start pricing the parts and after computer and monitors you get most of the way to 2 grand. Then add buttons and control emulators. Try FX3 on a PC and see if it interests you. If it does then for sure buy the cabinet. It is way better on a cabinet! My two cents.

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