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    Ok I have been on these forums since the game came out. Went round and round with the devs that come on here about the problems they cannot fix because of how they set up the code. So been away for at least a year, and was wondering what the future of the series is going to be.

    1st of all they cannot fix the problems until they make a newer version of the game, just thought I would let some of you newer players know they admitted that.

    2nd, we need true leaderboards for wins and losses, not just how much someone can bang the ball around and score style points. Sure make a leaderboard for that too, but wins and losses needs its own leaderboard.

    3rd, take the rediculous percentage thing away, put things back to the way they were in the beginning as for swing. All one has to do is write down what percentage they used for each hole and shot, and each time they play it afterwards everything is automatic. You HAVE TO take that away, it is not a game with that on there. Or at least have different levels of play, like an amateur mode that gives the percentages of your swing, and and advanced mode that does not.

    and finally, when is the next version coming out? IF not, just say so, but tell us something. I loved the 1st one until you messed it up with the dl for the Move Controll, haven't played it since. If your not going to make a new one, let us know.
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