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Thread: Time to be a bit more restrictive about on topic/off topic?

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    Lightbulb Time to be a bit more restrictive about on topic/off topic?

    There are loads of useful info/posts around this board but there are also a very big amount of off topic chat going on in a lot of the threads (more than any other board I'm a member on). Threads asking about release dates end up in "I want this theme" and what not. Could the moderators please move, inform, warn or whatever about this and try to keep the forum a bit more tidy?

    It's a great forum with nice ppl so I think we can afford activity spread over more topics(?).

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    Wow! Didn't know people were so anal about off topic posts. Well I'll admit I get off topic, but its still pinball related. So I think its not too bad.
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