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Thread: Avengers table bug

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    Default Avengers table bug

    I lost my ball during "Thor vs Loki" mission and, like always, the mission was completed on the "ASSEMBLE" letters.
    But, it was the last letter and before i can launch a ball, balls were automatically launched but the flippers don't work so i can't play it, but the ball save is activated and the balls are launched after they drained.
    When I press X, it makes the same sound as a TILT but there was no tilt. When i tried to tilt, it does nothing.
    After the end of the ball save, all balls drained and i was flagged with a ball lost...

    That the second time i have a very bad bug on this table that broke my high score try, do I attract them ?
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    On marvel, i think I glitched most of the tables during new personal records and gave the whole game up for a long while... spiderman, F4, etc... i thought it was only me
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