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Thread: Table Idea: Minecraft Table!

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    Lightbulb Table Idea: Minecraft Table!

    I was playing Zen Pinball yesterday and had a really awesome table idea for Zen. A Minecraft TABLE!

    I haven't gotten too much on the table design, but have all the table functions and features down.

    The table will have similar effects to that of the Blade table, meaning it will change from night to day. Now at night,

    Creepers and Zombies will walk down and it is your job to kill them before they get to you kinda like PvZ table.
    The table will have special tasks instead of missions. For example, Finding wood, obsidian and etc in Minecraft.

    Diamond Multiball-Beating this hard task gives you a huge score! Hit each target TNT to increase score multiplier.

    Torch Multiball- Balls turn into fire at night when hitting the skillshot area 5 times to activate it. Hit the 4 ramps on left and right to get a high score.
    To unlock some tasks, you must have certain resources. The table also include a crafting table similar to the shop in Blade table.

    Here what you collect can be made into tools like pick-axe,bed,etc.

    Part 2- Art/Design of table

    The background in the center of the table will have the Minecraft title on it and you're character kinda like this.

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