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Thread: Official Plants Vs. Zombies Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShoryukenToTheChin View Post
    Yeh there is nothing that raises it from what I have seen... so random as you go up a Jackpot Ramp you get 2 Million then you hit the next Jackpot Ramp you get 1 Million. Freaking baffled...
    I don't think the basics is that complicated. For every ramp/orbit you shoot with one of the balls that is not the lit jackpot ramp you add 100 000 points (200 000 if you have Crazy Daves Double score) to the jackpot you will get once you hit the lit ramp. Super Jackpot I thought was double all the jackpots you have scored since last hitting the super jackpot ramp but it seems only to be the sum of the previous jackpots. I think super jackpot possibly also carry over to the next multi-ball, so sometimes it can appear to give you a big score if you haven't hit it for a while.

    Well... I think this is the basics of it, but there might be other stuff happening with the Jack in the box and then also sometimes with some of the other multi-balls (not the mail one) you hear jackpot being called without hitting the jackpot ramp
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloda View Post
    I put this in my Guide -

    "Raise the Jackpot & Super Jackpot (Collecting this doubles the Jackpot award) awards of the Multiball Modes; by collecting the Fertilizer Bonus (Explained earlier in Guide under ‘Fertilizer Bonus’ section) known as –

    •‘Jackpot Increase! New Value: 200,000.’ - Increases Jackpots in 100,000 Point increments.

    Another way to raise the Jackpot - For every Ramp/Orbit you shoot with one of the Balls that is not the lit Jackpot ramp you add 100,000 Points (200,000 Points if you have Crazy Daves – Gatling Pea; explained below) to the Jackpot you will get once you hit the lit Ramp.

    You can also get Crazy Daves; Gatling Pea (Explained earlier in the Guide under ‘Crazy Dave’s Twiddlydinks’ section) which will double the Jackpot awards –

    •Gatling Pea - Double future Score. Permanent Score Multiplier. Doubles the Mission Completion Bonus."
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    Quote Originally Posted by surf1der View Post
    @Shory: During the Zomboss final mode, I did not realize if you hit the giant fireball with the fireball pinball and the pinball gets destroyed, it is random which ball type gets ejected. I guess I got lucky in my previous games because the opposite/"correct" ball always seemed to pop up for me except on my last game. I shot a giant fireball 5 times and every time another fireball came out and I failed the mission. Started up the mission again and every ball that got destroyed the opposite one popped out so I got lucky that go around. Seems to be pretty random what type of ball comes out.
    Huh, I think I've only ever got the same colour when exploding the pinball on the fireball/iceball.

    I've now beaten Wiz. mode! On my first ball, natch, with a 1x multiplier.

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