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Thread: Technical Thread about ZP2 (sort of)

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    Question Technical Thread about ZP2 (sort of)

    Not playing much with my ps3 i created a new profile when i got my hands on a vita... you see where i'm going right ?

    All my games previously downloaded on the ps3 i can enjoy with the new profile so i didn't care much ... didn't see cross platform coming so soon though and of course i can't have 2 profiles on the vita....

    Soooo after buying pinball fx + all tables, zen pinball + all tables, pbfx2's all new tables, Zen pinball ios, zen pinball android ,zen 3ds and soon i guess zen pinball windows8 ,do i have to rebuy everything again so i can enjoy ZP2 on my vita ? really ?

    I'm not whining or whatever but if somebody has a solution for merging my profiles on the ps3 or transferring licences from one profile to another, i'll be very happy. Not that i don't think Zen deserves the money but i'm actually not fond of rebuying things i already bought on the 'same' machine, even if the goal is to play the tables on the vita but i guess you got my point.

    I guess i have no choice but who knows, better ask here and be sure than not asking and being sorry later

    Thanks for reading me

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    Sorry, fella, but you'll have to either buy them again or use the other account.

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    Thought so :[

    Anyway i switched to my old profile and can enjoy all the new features of zp2 (3d is AWESOME) on the new profile with all the tables unlocked .... after a quick count i need around 60 € to rebuy everything for vita .... tssssss i'm afraid i'll have to pass on this one ... with a lot of regrets ... but i can't see myself buying sorcerer's lair etc for the 5th time !

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