Could you fix Pinscape plunger support via 360 controller emulators on a PC? Cabinet owners have been asking for this for well over a year now.

Windows sees the plungers properly. The controller emulator (in most cases x360ce) sees them properly. But within FX3 you apparently apply a deadzone that doesn't allow for one for one physical/virtual plunger movement. This probably makes sense as a 360 analog stick might otherwise appear too finicky but we need to turn this 'feature' off for plunger use.

Without the ability to toggle or calibrate this IN GAME we are pretty much dead in the water. The best results I can get are:

Pull plunger out about 1-2 inches before in game plunger moves at is then apparently linear and maxes out in game when the physical plunger does.

This defeats the whole purpose of a physical plunger and I end up just using a button. Which is a shame considering some of the cool skill shots you've designed.

It may be easy for me to say this as I already have a code but I'd gladly pay a small fee for a cabinet code if it meant you guys would take cabinet mode more seriously.