Ok, this was origonally going on my rediculously long pinball fx 3 wishlist, but decided it warrented it's own thread.

I have a severe love for electro mechanical and early Solid State pinball tables, I like how the street fighter 2 and a few other fx1 tables had a physical feel that made them feel like custom built, solid state pinball machines from the 80's and 90's, But I also love that FX2 has moved away from that to give a distinct, modern twist. That said, I'd love to see a few custom made electro mechanical tables in the vein of Kiss, spirit of '76, the original star trek or similar, as to my knowledge there is only one EM table available on xbox (jive time on williams arcade classics) and very few tables that have one overiding set of goals that doesn't require one to enter and exploit various modes. Would be a great way to use the marvel license in a unique way, having a few custom gold/silver age marvel tables available for a discount price like 100 mspoints each would be my idea of heaven. I know that the recreations on future pinball for the pc are really great for this, but, would be nice, I'd buy it, Just to own a quasi retro peice of stylish Americana that's unavailable anywhere else.

Also, due to pinball tables from that age being much simpler affairs to script and build, wouldn't need a video or a complex ruleset or similar, could be a really unique, striking way to use the license and be different from anything else pinball fx has done. Also, with these tables being easier to produce due to the much simpler goals and rule-sets, and being capable of being quickly scripted by smaller development teams, would be a great way to introduce a new, lower tier product that has a higher turnaround in creation, and introduce new people to the game with a lower entry price. I know alot of people prefer the more complex and modern tables of FX and FX2, and I do too, but for local multiplayer at least, with friends and family unfamiliar with pinball, I've found myself having to eschew these tables to go for more easy to pick up tables, like the ones available on williams or pinball arcade (gorgar, black hole, taxi, etc), or future pinball for the pc (the best table to learn and understand the basics of pinball, still being eight ball deluxe). Would be a tremendous way to use the engine in a great way methinks, and allow less experienced pinball players an easier learning curve as they learn the basics required to pick up the game.