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Thread: Ninja Gaiden scoring tips?

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    Default Ninja Gaiden scoring tips?

    This is the one table which kills my pro score and I have no idea how to improve.

    I can't finish chapter three, so I'm looking for a way to grind a few points (something like the volcano mini playfield on Shaman).

    The only method I found out myself so far is the combo multiball but that doesn't work very well (and is extremely slow). I haven't tried the obliteration multiball yet, so that may be another option (eventhough it takes quite long to set up).

    Am I missing something? Are there better options to grab points outside of missions?

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    on ZP1, Alexei multiball was the moneymaker. I have yet to hit the required sinkhole for this in ZP2. No one has admitted to it yet as far as I know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caper_26 View Post
    No one has admitted to it yet as far as I know.
    I have hit the sink hole once, but it was a random fluke.

    @sui99: You're best bet is completing the missions. Completing the final chapter (chapter 4) will net you 100 million points.

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    i don't play this table a lot , i played about 5 games yesterday , if you talking about the little flipper near genshin , i hit the ball there about 50 times at different angles and it didn't go into any sinkhole , the only scoring i did was do combos and get a short multiball , did that couple times in a row , and the red ball thingy thats cool , i actually like this table a lot.
    one last thing a major bug or watever happened the ball was coming down the inlane and jumped over the flipper into the drain hole , very weird , i think this might have happened on another table too
    i don't have a pci use ps3 browser

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