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Thread: Table idea: Pirate Battle

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    Lightbulb Table idea: Pirate Battle

    Initially the table would be the deck of a ship, stairs for ramps to the upper deck, then in battle mode switch to broad sides where your shots riddle the other ship with cannon holes till it sinks.

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    I like it! Aaaarrr!

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    This sounds great. My first thought was that there is already a pirate table, but Zen's style has changed pretty drastically and a new pirate table would be much different than Bucaneer.
    I got some great ideas. For the multiball, there could be a toy pirate ship that has 3 canons. Only one canon is available at a time. When the canon is hit, a ball is locked and the ship moves a bit to expose the next canon. I'm imagining the ship being in the upper right (like in Bucaneer). Then when all the balls are locked the ship starts sailing down the right side towards the launch. As it begins it's journey, an enemy toy ship sails up the left side. When your ship is at a matching position with the enemy ship, you can fire a canonball ( up to 3 depending on how many times you press the launch button) so at this point there is a multiball. So unless you hit their ship with all three balls, it continues to go up the left side of the table and will go into a protected grotto at the top left. If you hit the ship a total of 3 times ( with a mixture of launches from your ship and hits from flipping the ball at the ship during the multiball ) before it reaches the grotto, then you rule the seas. If not, then your ship returns to the upper right where you can lock canonballs again. If you lock all three, then the battle happens again, though this time their ship would also be coming from the top.
    During another mode (you are going to love this) enemy pirates swing onto the left side of the playfield and stalk the the right with swords in their mouths all sneakily. Your pirates are getting drunk and such on the right side and don't seem aware. You have to hit all the pirates (very much like zombies in PvZ) before they reach your crew. The best part is that when they land on the left side, it rocks the deck (ie: playfield) which effects the ball. This deck rocking could also be used in a "rough seas" or "tempest" mode.
    Pure awesome.

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    There should be a parrot toy somewhere that spouts the audio-cues. When you lose the first ball he gets an eyepatch, when you lose the second, he gets a peg-leg. If you get extra balls and then lose them, you see additional maim-states that will encourage the player to max out the extra balls. Maybe he loses feathers or turns a different color because he's got scurvy. He could start puking overboard.

    The way you could start some modes would be shooting the ball a certain direction on the orbits to hoist your pirate flag. Once it has hoisted fully, the mode starts.
    Each completed mode should decorate the parrot with a new piece of treasure; earing, necklace, a grill in his mouth that says "yo ho", eventually a crown.

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    Check this out: one of the modes could be "Drinking Song". All your little pirates can be singing a song, the objective is to time lit shots to match the timing of your buddies. If you make the shot too soon, you sing the line ahead of the others. If you shoot too late, you sing the line later than the others. Shoot the wrong lane and your character (i guess you are the parrot) makes up the words and mumbles, hoping that no one hears him. That would be so funny. If you do it perfectly, they sing an encore of some sort of "for he's a jolly good fellow" type song.

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    I LOVE IT! I am a HUGE fan of pirate stuff, mateys!

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    Success in the modes should give you treasure map fragments. Once you've collected them all and hoisted the sail with the orbits your parrot toy grabs the captain's wheel and "Rough seas" begins. The lighting gets darker and the parrot is shouting out directions from the map. Starboard" he yells when the right ramp is lit. "Port!" when the left orbit is lit. "Full speed ahead" when the center is lit. As you try to make the shots, the playfield is rocking back and forth. Everytime you shoot the wrong lane, lightning hits. Too many wrong lane shots and lightning hits the mast! Last chance hurry up! The crew is panicking and you here someone say "mutiny."
    You make the last chance shot and a wizard mode begins. Treasure appears all over the playfield and you gather it up as fast as possible.
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