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Thread: Zen Pinball 2 - Mac OS X - Difficulty buying tables

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    Exclamation Zen Pinball 2 - Mac OS X - Difficulty buying tables


    I'm running a macbook pro 15-inch, Early 2011, with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 fully updated, and i'm getting some difficulties to buy new tables.

    Yesterday I finally was able to buy Tesla and Avengers. They work fine but the Avengers has a button on the game menu called "Update Available" but it does nothing. I was hoping this update would bring better speed to the table as I'm experiencing slowdowns.

    When I try to buy a new table the old problem comes back, It asks to confirm the purchase, wich I do, I insert my login and password, after a while a pop-up comes with "Please contact itunes support to complete this transaction". I already contacted itunes support and they told me everything is fine in their end and that I should contact you guys.

    Please, if you need any more info on my side let me know, I really would like to buy tables like Blade or Fear itself.

    Thank you


    UPDATE: Problem solved. I've been able to purchase tables now. Thanks in advance. (The update in avengers table still shows up although)
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