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Thread: Is it me or is there a problem with the Buccaneer table?

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    Default Is it me or is there a problem with the Buccaneer table?

    I know Buccaneer isn't all that popular, but I love the old school simplicity of it and I've managed a couple of games near 150 million just by keeping multiball alive and going for the treasure shots (which, by the way, it sucks that they cap at 100,000 per shot, but that's another matter).

    Anyway, I'm noticing during my longer games that at some point, the lower right shot which sets up the Frenzy multiball will just completely quit working, and activating the Frenzy will become impossible. It's like there is a glitch in the little pivoting mechanism which is inside that passage.

    Are there any other people who have played long games of Buccaneer and noticed this? I figure my odds of a reply are about 2% better than if this were a thread about the Extreme table, but what the hell.

    ON EDIT - I found the stickied "bug" thread which lists the stuck Frenzy shot as a bug. I dunno why I didn't see it the first time I looked! (derp)
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    There are indeed big problems with Buccaneer, which I deeply regret since I used to love this table when playing Pinball FX, first of his name.

    First, since Pinball FX 2 was released and score harmonization was processed, the table has been scoring 10 times less than it should be.

    Second, the upper hole very often sends the ball directly to the outlane, making it necessary to nudge, which is pretty unfair.

    Many people have reported those issues and asked for an update, but nothing has been done so far. Let's keep hope...
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