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  • The Avengers

    0 0%
  • Fear Itself

    6 54.55%
  • Infinity Gauntlet

    2 18.18%
  • World War Hulk

    1 9.09%
  • Civil War

    2 18.18%
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Thread: What are your favourite recent Marvel tables

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    Default What are your favourite recent Marvel tables

    You may vote for your favourite tables among the last 5.
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    Out of those 5, Fear Itself for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeman07 View Post
    Out of those 5, Fear Itself for sure.
    Ditto! Infinity Gauntlet is a close second.

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    Out of the 5?

    1. Fear Itself hands down.

    Great Mission Variety, Challenging, great design and the music rocks

    2. Infinity Gauntlet -

    Great Mission variety, Lot's of stacked modes, very accessible for casuals and hardcore players abound.

    3. Civil War

    Interesting how each hero collects and disables allies with no 'missions' per say, Challenging requiring accurate shots, I like the score/music.

    5. Avengers

    Love the idea of each ball representing different avenger hero's charcteristics, how shooting ramp with corresponding ball increases the base value. Probably the easiest to score big on this table once you know what to do. Still like it.

    6. World War Hulk

    Disappointing. I was looking forward to this table only because the guy that made it also did Iron Man and that is one of my favs for it's difficulty and challenge. To see WWH as pure ramp spam and multiball mayhem was disheartening. The play on this table can last forever. Nothing near Plants vs Zombies but pretty close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shogun00 View Post
    Ditto! Infinity Gauntlet is a close second.
    Tritto!!! (If there's a such term) Definitely agree with Infinity Gauntlet!
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    I had to be the lone voter for Infinity Gauntlet. I know it sounds superficial, but I base my enjoyment of a table heavily on the colours used, and IG has one of the most eye poppingly colourful tables I've played. Anything with tons of vibrant yellows, reds and/or blues and I'm hooked, I don't know why. IG, Spiderman,'s like eye opium.

    Not that the lack of colour means I don't enjoy tables like Moon Knight, because that's up there in my top 5 I think. On the other hand, I did feel a slight twinge of sadness when I realised the Captain America table was mostly brown, rather and red and blue (but then Civil War came along )

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