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Thread: Table idea (NOT nintendo themed)

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    Default Table idea (NOT nintendo themed)

    I wasn't too sure on where to post these ideas, so I made a thread. Hope that's OK.

    So here's a cool idea that I have: A new Zen pinball table that is themed around sadness. Just like paranormal, it wouldn't be themed.

    For example, the pokemon mystery dungeon games, they have very sad music and plot points during a ton of in game parts, mainly the endings. I was thinking maybe a pinball table with similar music (In terms of mellowness and ETC) that could be set in a battle arra would be a good idea. Like "This is it, our last stand, our last fight!" It could be released on all 3 consoles considering how it's a ZP table. What would you guys think?

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    Any idea if this is likely?

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    I'd just love a table based on the Zen Pinball 1 menu screen.

    Yes, that would indeed be totally meta.

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    I do wonder what a ZP1 Menu table would be like. Though I think a sad themed table would be better

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    a table with a song like this is what would be great:

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