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Thread: First things to do to a garage-stored, unmaintained machine?

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    Default First things to do to a garage-stored, unmaintained machine?

    My parents are moving out of their old house and I just picked up one of the machines we used to have in the basement when I was a kid, Cyclone. It hasn't been turned on in... probably 10 years, since a previous move, and it's been stored in an unheated (but attached) garage in Illinois ever since.

    It's sitting in my living room now—haven't even gotten the legs back on. I'm going to try to do some work on it myself, watch tutorials, etc., but first things first I wanted to know whether there's anything I need to keep in mind before I turn it on. It's been kept in pretty poor conditions (though it looks fine on the outside), so if there's anything I can do to avoid doing further damage before I really get to work on it I'd love to know. Thanks!fedloan easybib
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    Open the back box and check for corrosion on the boards.

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    Default First things to do to a garage stored unmaintained machine

    We need to crank this into gear so we can have multiple drawings for Free Play Florida. At 74 now. Lets sell this one out and move on to the next

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