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Thread: Williams Pinball Vol. 5 is coming on December 10!

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    Default Williams Pinball Vol. 5 is coming on December 10!

    Surprise, surprise! Who would’ve thought that after the Halloween special we have one more trick up our sleeve? The colorful Williams™ library is getting another addition this year: meet Williams Pinball: Volume 5! Three of the community’s wishes were granted with these tables: Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire, and No Good Gofers! The pack will be available on December 10.

    Let’s see what the tables have to offer:

    Tales of the Arabian Nights

    Collect the Seven Jewels of the Arabian Nights while experiencing glorious tales like the “Tale of the Great Camel Race” or “Sinbad and the Rocs”. Wield Aladdin’s magic lamp, earn the help of Dimira, enchant your scimitar, and defeat the Evil Genie to save the Princess!

    Cirqus Voltaire

    Marvel at the mysteries of the Cirqus! Meet jugglers, rope-dancers, and of course the Ringmaster himself in this late-’90s classic. Complete the 9 marvels of the table, so you can access the Wizard mode -- a thrilling test of your abilities. See if you are worthy of joining the famous Cirqus Voltaire!

    No Good Gofers

    Bud and Buzz are here -- to absolutely wreck this golf course and manifest mayhem! Rockets flying, balls blazing out of bounds, and everyone trying to score that Hole-in-One! Will you master the course?

    Remember, on December 10 the show begins and there’s no good chance that you would want to miss this tale!
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    Waow , great choices !

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    Awesome tables! Looking so forward to this, but please implement the new ball physics on your older Williams tables as soon as possible, the new physics are a huge improvement, nice job!

    Going back and fixing your old tables will show a lot of good will towards those who have already purchased these tables.

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    Default No Good Gofers Animated Backglass

    Here's a little pre-release treat for you all to use in your front ends...

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    Sounds like the best table pack yet. I like every one of these tables!

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