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Thread: Lost access to tables

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    Default Lost access to tables

    Pretty much as the title says.

    I've been playing Pinball FX3 for a few months now. I have approximately 30 tables, most of which I purchased. I play the game almost every single day.

    Just today, I started the game, and found that I could not access the tables that I have purchased. They are instead greyed out, with a bouncing downwards-pointing arrow against each one (except Sorcerer's Lair and Fish Tales).

    At first, I thought that it was my internet connection. However, I was still able to access other websites. The only other time that I remember this happening was when I first started playing Pinball FX3, and needed all of my tables transferred from Pinball FX2.

    I tried using the Restore Tables feature, which brought up the pack that the selected table was in, and a Download and Play button. I clicked on the button, and it shows a download dialog box. The dialog showed 0% download, and then quickly disappears, bringing the tables back in. So, I then went through doing the same to all other tables, but found out that I could not access a single particular table that I purchased back in Pinball FX2, Excalibur. When clicking on this table and then trying the Restore Tables feature, it shows the Medieval table package that contains the table, and a purchase button. Problem is, I have already purchased this particular table.

    I exited Pinball FX3 and went back into it, just to see if it would jig the last table back into action. Instead, the game reverts back to the bouncing downwards arrows against each table, and greyed out icons.

    What is going on?

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    Still waiting for a response...

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    Don't know how to solve this issue, sorry that i can't be of help.Hope one of the Zen officials could be bothered to care and you get this problem sorted out asap.

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    You may get a faster response if you send an email to

    You did not mention which platform you are playing on. These problems are often platform dependent. I know from experience that the Windows 10 version does not always synchronize well with the Microsoft Store. I have the opposite "problem" that I sometimes get tables I have not even purchased yet!

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    Thanks guys. I'm playing the Windows 10 version of the game.

    I sent an email to Zen's support address a few days ago, and I received one from Ray just yesterday asking me for the platform, so I'll reply and see what happens.

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    It's working!

    I didn't get a reply from Zen via email, but my tables are working again. Not sure what the problem was...

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