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Thread: FX2 Tables disappeared from Xbox 360

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    Default FX2 Tables disappeared from Xbox 360

    So, I fired up my 360 tonight only to find that all the tables for Pinball FX2 have disappeared. It gave me the option to "import" tables when the game started, downloaded Bullwinkle and then gave an error message about unavailability.

    I began my collection on the 360 with the original FX and had already imported tables to FX2 a few years ago. I had half the Marvel tables, all the original FX tables and specifically the exclusive tables Street Fighter II, Plants Vs. Zombies, Bullwinkle, and Ms., Splosion Man.

    Now, even the store doesn't list these tables as being purchased except Bullwinkle and Captain America. Did I miss something or is there a way to force an import again because it's not giving me that option anymore?

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    ma, thats dyson right there. i'd imagine those tables are gone 4 good, but maybe you could go 2 zen and get some of them back. i'd say those exclusives are gone 4 good tho. good luck.

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    Default FX2 Tables disappeared from Xbox 360

    Yes great collection thanks. I have only played a couple of them before. The all have the Tii signature. Kind of artistic, original, and some with a particular sense of humor.

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