How about updating the textures/tables to match those of the iOS version? Theatre Of Magic's "Drama Masks" table inserts (along with their reflections in the mirror) at the upper-right corner of the playfield were yellow blobs. The newest iOS version corrected this, apparently with the updated tables but the Mac version still uses featureless yellow blobs. The Mac's tables need to be updated to match the iOS version's tables.

A screenshot is provided below of the "Drama Masks" textures, clearly showing the existing issue on the macOS version of Zen Pinball 2

Attachment 1440

The following is a screenshot of the "Drama Masks" textures which have been corrected on the most recent iOS version (Game version 1.3.1) This recent update required re-downloading of the tables which I am assuming have various fixes, of which contain the Theatre Of Magic texture corrections.
Attachment 1441