I have just finished building my pinball cabinet for Pinball FX3 and for the most part it works really well. I am extremely happy with it.

I will be creating a thread with the cabinet build soon but as a help for others I thought I'd share my configuration.

I am running the Steam version of Pinball FX3 on Windows 10.

To handle the input from the Pinball controls I am using JoyToKey.

On startup I have set the PC to launch JoyToKey first and then Pinball FX3 so the computer will start into Pinball FX3 with no input when the Pinball Machine is turned on.

My Pinball Cabinet has two flipper buttons on the side, a launch button, 4 buttons in a diamond configuration for up, down, left, right and then two additional buttons which I will refer to as B1 and B2.

In JoyToKey I have assigned the following:

Left Flipper: Left Shift
Right Flipper: Right Shift

Launch Button: Enter

Up: Up Arrow and C
Down: Down Arrow and N
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow

B1: Esc
B2: Space + Tab

This allows me to control the Pinball FX3 User Interface and all tables with just my cabinet buttons.