I just recently have been playing this table and I can't figure out how to use V.A.T.S.
I understand in general how they work, I get the first part of the animation where the enemies are highlighted, I can even switch between targets, but just about every time I try to hit both flippers to use them, it doesn't work. Is there just a small window where you can use them? I usually catch the ball on 1 flipper, hit the ball, then hold down launch, switch to the target that I want to hit, then I let go of both flippers and hit them again right away while still holding launch down.
Am I doing something wrong?
I believe I did it right once, but I'm not sure what I did differently.

And random question.....
Has anyone else done this or is anyone else doing it?
I have started going for all the upgrades on every table so I can unlock all the pictures in the mastery rewards. Most of the time I don't do all 200 upgrade points, but I have gotten several tables to 200 or whatever is the highest amount is.
By doing this I have realized some tables I didn't know very well and this has helped me understand them much batter and I have started liking tables that I really didn't like before. The fallout table being 1 of them.
So far I have 187 out of 290. There are more, I don't have every table yet, I have 82 of the 96 tables
Just wondering....