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Thread: 3 Screens / Game in Fullscreen size issue

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    Default 3 Screens / Game in Fullscreen size issue

    Hello Friends!

    I play in cabinet mode with my pc and i have three screens.

    The Position and screen-nubers:
    2 1

    2 ...there is the blackscreenimage with the score screen

    3 ...screen in portrait mode.

    here is the issue... i only get the game into the screen 3 in widdowed version, when i drag it into this screen.

    But i want to play in full screen size.

    can you please help me and tell what i have to do?

    2020-01-25 17_30_50-Window.png

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    You need to set the main screen/playfield screen as main display in Windows. FX3 starts only on the main display else you would need to use 3rd party programs.

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    Thank you!
    I will trie this now and give a feedback

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    Ok... i set this portait screen as main screen ...
    and get this result (see picture)

    even though i set the game as full screen it don t fills the screen.

    oh?! is it now in landscape( i mean the game? )

    what can i do now?

    2020-01-29 19_33_24-Greenshot.jpg

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    oh...?! i got it now! thank you!
    i had to click on a different screen , then it changed to portrait mode and full screen!

    thank you!!

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    so...ready to play...

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    Thanks for the feedback, happy pinballing

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