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Thread: Bought Star Wars on Android, but only 1 table is unlocked

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    Default Bought Star Wars on Android, but only 1 table is unlocked

    I purchased Star Wars Pinball through the Google Play store, but when I went to play it, only one table is unlocked on the standalone SWP, and none are unlocked in the "regular" zen pinball. What happened?

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    The standalone app and the regular app are separate, unfortunately. Tables don't transfer.
    In the Star Wars app you get one table with the app purchase, the other two are separate in-game purchases.

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    Barbie has stated previously that there is actually no way they are able to make the tables unlock in both versions due to the way the Stores on iOS and Android are designed, otherwise they would have done it. I'm guessing it's because the license for any IAP is checked directly against that specific app on the store, so there is no way to see whether you legitimately own it when you are in an app other than the one you bought it in (if that makes sense).

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