Way back when I first heard about Infinte Mingolf,i was very excited.
One of the best game creator studios making a Minigolf game.. What can go wrong ???
I even prordered it.Something i rarely do.

An then the launch day arrived and the game was a mess. The camera control..the layout of the courses...the whole feel of the game was so bad.
I even tried to enter it today.
Could not find anyone playing it
And I then I entered "hangar 17"...but it was in course editor mode and I could NOT find out how to leave/exit.
So I actually had to restart the whole game..
Then once I did,I tried Hangar 17 again.
And the camera controls STILL are as awfully as i was at the release of the game. Is it so hard to understand the FREE roaming to check out the layout is essential,to set up the shot
Have you EVER heard about a regular computer Golf game without the ability to look at the course for the next shot, at the angle..height one choose too ??
Not me either.
But infinite Minigolf have a set ways to look...making judging the best approach very hard.
What about all the items within the game ???
The courses are filled with them..Rockets and other things.
No explanation,no way of showing new players how things work.....

In reality the game is the same half baked release it was way back.

No one have had any real quality control or direction when making this game.
Just a quick cash grab job.

How could Zen end up taking a type of game like Minigolf and make such a lackluster job out of it. ???