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Thread: Usb encoder Arcade Buttons with Steam FX3....problem

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    Default Usb encoder Arcade Buttons with Steam FX3....problem

    I bought the EG usb encoder with buttons ...a set :

    After connecting all I set the buttons in steam.
    In big picture under settings.
    It’s recognized and set.

    Windows recognizes it’s also . In the game controller settings I can use the buttons...everything is finde there too.

    But ingame, when I start FX3 the diy arcade controller is not regigized.

    Have I forgot something?
    Do I need a additional software?

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    I ran into this problem with the pinball controller I built. In the general controller settings on steam make sure the box for "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support" is checked.

    It should work in FX3 after that.

    If the box is checked already then something else is the problem and I'm not sure what.

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