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Thread: Question for FX3 developers (analogue nudge and plunger)

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    Default Question for FX3 developers (analogue nudge and plunger)

    First of all, thanks for an amazing fx3 pinball tables.
    I've built a full size pinball cabinet dedicated and configured for fx3 classic williams pinball tables.

    My question is, if its possible to integrate option in fx3 specifically for the accelerometer (Nudge) and plunger setup. For example the KL25Z is commonly used for analogue plunger and physical nudge options.

    I know that there is a workaround using DOFLinks, Xbox360ce etc... but since I and many others have no interest in other pinball titles and hate stuffing around with configuration, it would be brilliant to have a physical nudging and analogue plunger configuration availabe in fx3 settings.

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