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Thread: Game breaking bugs in Boba Fett and ESB split screen multiplayer on PS3

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    Default Game breaking bugs in Boba Fett and ESB split screen multiplayer on PS3


    i have expierienced bugs in split screen multiplayer on Boba Fett and ESB tables on PS3 . Occasionly ESB does not bring back the ball in play after it has dropped. On Boba Fett sometimes the game modes can not be activated anymore for example the Hutts lights and the Empire lights are not advancing, no combos anymore, etc. I can not tell every occation it is happening but i have a way to reproduce that bugs reliably.

    Step 1: First start split screen mode on ESB or Boba Fett with first controller on the right side and second controller on the left side.
    Step 2: Start game with both controllers by hitting X.
    Step 3: Do not touch the first controlller.
    Step 4: Bring the ball in play with the second controller and let it drop down the drain.
    Step 5: Repeat Step 4 several times.

    In Boba Fett after the 3rd ball has dropped the game modes do not work anymore. You can see that the hutts lights are switched off.
    On ESB after the 4th ball has dropped the ball is not coming into play anymore.

    Please excuse my poor english.
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    It's already been reported and the fixes will be applied on the next patch.

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