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    Default A new version is available on Pinball FX3 (

    Hey Pinball Lovers!

    Throughout the weeks, we browsed the forums and our support mailbox to find the bugs that occurred after the arrival of the new Williams Pack. Now, we have welcome news to share with you, as a new version is available for Pinball FX3 on Steam, with bugfixes and performance improvements! Thank you very much for helping us make our game even better!

    Here are the details 👇

    - Fixed the bumper sound bug on Medieval Madness™ and Theatre of Magic™

    - Recalibrated the size of the alphanumeric display on FunHouse™, Space Station™, and Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray™

    -Made changes in the cabinet settings which should improve the performance in cabinet mode

    If you still experience the FPS drop after installing the latest version ( try to restart the game. It should implement all the changes.
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    Zen Studios

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    Is there a PS4 patch?

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    -Fun house runs a bit better but still many stutters
    -Space station too low fps unplayable
    -Dr Dude, lows fps dmd not working, if i launch it at first there is no dmd, if i launch it after one of the above table, the dmd still fixed with the last score there was on the table.

    All others williams table working fine whit no fps drop at all.

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    I will check this new version tonight and will let you know if I find anything dodgy. I am on PC cabinet

    Thanks for your support. Very much appreciated.


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    I'm running a mid/high end card on mine so I can't really comment on FPS with DMD enabled on lower end hardware. All tables run above 110 FPS @ 1440P which is good, but I seem to recall them running @ 240 FPS.

    As of a few days ago, the bumper sound bugs seemed to have been resolved, but MM had a flipper (flubber) rubber bug. Just ran MM this morning and I'm happy to report that the MM flipper bug appears to have been resolved.

    Please pass along my thanks to the bug squashers working behind the scenes to resolve these issues.

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    Yeah I found a couple of new bugs concerning ARCADE MODE (cabinet PC) and created a new post for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linne_Zen View Post a new version is available for Pinball FX3 on Steam...
    Only on Steam//PC

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    Default Fixed

    In regards to my bug report, it has been patched. It must have been a quick patch fix recently. The last time I've checked was only a few days ago.

    Thank you Zen Studios for this quick patch fix. The bumper sound is much better. I've noticed a bit muddy sound but that's ok. I trust it will be refined in the future. As for the bumper bug, all good and working fine. A slight drop in performance noted but once again, its playable.

    Cheers and keep up with good work

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