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Thread: Been away for a very long time. Getting back into pinball again.

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    Default Been away for a very long time. Getting back into pinball again.

    Wanted to shout out and say hi to those new and old.

    I have the tables aside from Vol 6 on Steam and played last year. Deciding to get the full collection again on the PS4/PS5 and play on my new 4k TV when tables are on sale again. The last time I played on the PS4 was back when Adventure land and Son of Zeus were for free.

    Curious what are your favorite tables in each genre

    Williams collection - No Good Gofers, Attack from Mars, Monster Bash

    Star Wars - Might of the first order and Masters of the Force, Starfighter assault, Episode IV, V, VI.

    Movie IP's - Back to the Future, Aliens, Jurrasic Park

    Marvel Pinball - Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself, X-men

    Balls of Glory - American Dad

    Zen originals - Wild West Rampage and Son of Zeus

    Zen classics - Rome, Epic Quest, Mars

    Bethesda - Skyrim

    Was wondering if I can get a few names to compete for high scores. My PSN name is Sgttenor(PS4) and tenorgamer(PS3/PS4)

    Thanks in advance.
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