For me, supporting Zen Pinball since the Beginning and the very first table pack included, I became a little bit angy & sad when I see the only 1 single table pack came from Zen Studios in over a year. This is Williams Vol. 6, before that it was Vol. 5 already released in December 2019.

Never before there was such a delay in releasing new tables and even no information about new plans and releases!

What's going wrong? Even patches are not coming or coming slowly and delayed - my point of view is coming from Europe and the PS4. And yet we have still no single information about next steps with new PS5 and XBox and what will be with the big supporting community with "old" consoles ect.

Also: A lot of times I have problems with online servers from Zen in the last year - eg. High Scores, logging in ect.

For me - Zen was a good and quick releasing company with good comunication to the buyers and fans of pinball.

But -sadly- this has changed a lot in 2020 to this day!