Is there some trick to get the Football_Roma table to directly run in Steam?

Steam.exe -applaunch 226980 [Football_Roma] isn't working, it loads to the table select screen.

I'm a cabinet user trying to get PinballX to launch this directly and it won't do it.
The table runs fine by clicking on it, and all other 4 FX2 tables run directly just fine:SplosionMan, PlantsVsZombies, SouthPark2, SouthPark1

I thought it might not be parsing the whole name, so I took out all the other Football_xxxx.pxp tables from \data_steam but left Football_Roma.pxp in there. The game wouldn't load at all, but if I put just Football.pxp in the directory with Football_Roma, the game loaded to the table select screen again.

Is there a secret switch after the [Tablename] to get Football_Roma to load directly?