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Thread: No more Sony support?

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    Default No more Sony support?

    So the new Star Wars VR Pinball is not going to be on the PlayStation? How much did Facebook pay for that kind of exclusivity? Shame that I won’t be supporting Zen Studios any longer either then. I hope your phony Facebook payoff covers the lost revenue. I’ve dumped so much money into the zen and the FX titles over the years and supported the company whether they made good tables or just bought out somebody else’s old tables but not anymore if they’re not going to support me in return.

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    Hi warlock7,

    Where did you hear this? Star Wars Pinball VR is coming to PSVR April 29, with the rest of the platforms!

    We released our trailer as well to the PlayStation Youtube.

    Hope you'll love the game on your PSVR headset!


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    Default Wonderful!

    The page appears to show Oculus and Rift but I did not see PlayStation or Sony. Thanks for bringing it to us too...
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    Default Still coming?

    Can’t find it on PSN? The page only links to steam and oculus…. Are you still doing right by your PlayStation fans?
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    Default Crashfest

    Wow! I love this game when it isn’t crashing!!! Crashes all the time on PS5!
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