The trophy for the Masters of the Force table on Star Wars Pinball VR seems to be glitchy.

I have done this same trophy 4 times before (3×zp2 & once on pfx3), so I believe I know what I'm doing. The trophy description is the same, so I don't think anything should be done in a different way.

The trophy requires a "master combo" which is 4 specific shots in a quick succession. The in-game table guide has detailed visuals on where to shoot. And the next ramp/orbit shots have the "combo" sign flashing in their entrance, so it's pretty obvious where we need to shoot.

I've done it in career, in single player arcade and in single player classic. But no trophy. I was playing on ps5. So then I tried it on ps4 and did it again in single player classic, but still no trophy. The game doesn't recognise the combo at all, because it should be giving an in-game reward (lighting extra ball), but it doesn't do that either.

So either I'm missing something completely or it's glitched at the moment.