I've been working the last few weeks to convert my Arcade 1up cabinet to a VP cab and have my fx3 tables as my primary tables I'm trying to load on my front-end. I have fx3 setup to load in offline mode, and everything works fine there. The challenge I'm having is with Steam itself. If I keep Steam in offline mode, I get a message that pops up when it loads. This keeps Steam from loading correctly on startup, requiring I mess around before my front end loads. If I keep Steam online, it loads the main Steam window, and again, runs on top of my front-end.

Ideally, I want Steam to load minimized to tray, and don't especially care if it's online or offline (FX2 and FX3 are the only steam apps I'm running). I got some ideas from the discord for my front-end, but I'm curious for folks that run FX3 on cabinets, what are you doing to get Steam to load correctly?