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Thread: Differences between steam, and windows 8 metro version?

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    Default Differences between steam, and windows 8 metro version?

    Helo. I like to ask, there,s be any differences between steam and metro version of the game?
    And the most important, de steam version of the game is come with better graphics, or is the same that the metro version? (sry for my english)

    Thank you.

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    They should be the same graphically from what I can gather.

    The only major difference is that the Steam version is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Also, the table selection will be a little different. The Steam version is missing a couple tables from what the "Metro" version has, but that should change later on when they release out more DLC.
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    Wait, you can play in the metro ?

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    Steam version has in-game AA settings. Win8 metro does not. Turn AA up and the tables look great.

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    Default Future...

    With an eye to the future, you might be better to get the Steam version.

    Currently neither version has realtime online multiplayer like the PS3. However, I asked Barbie yesterday and she said it is something that they have discussed as a possibility for future updates (this is not a sure thing of course). The thing is, as it stands, the Win8 Xbox app infastructure doesn't currently have official support for realtime multiplayer (handshaking, matchmaking etc. as evidenced by all the Xbox LA ports having it removed). This could of course be added at a later date and Win8 is constantly evolving, but based on current info I felt happier going with Steam.

    Having said all that, the Win8 Store version also grants you access to the ARM versions of the tables, so if you have a Windows RT device (or are thinking of getting one) as well as a PC then you would be able to play on both machines. The cherry on the top is more Gamer score for your Xbox iD if you care about stuff like that too.

    The same as jujohnso, I like the AA settings you get on the Steam version so that was another +1 in it's favour. It really cleans up the rails and gives the tables a much more "real" look.
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