This thread is created to assist Zen Pinball gurus in fixing bugs/annoyances and offer some recommendations (which may end up in its own thread). Let us try and keep it focused on this

Issues found so far. All of these reflect playing pinball fx 2 at 1920 x 1080 in portrait view on a win 7 pc.

- I was playing world war hulk and I had placed the dmd at the lower left since its a fairly large apron area. Well, I activated the arena, and oops, the dmd is covering the flippers since there is no apron on that mode. Ouch! So no dmd placement at the bottom, though I will try the small size dmd

- it's a bit of a pain to place the display in portrait but I appreciate having it, so just a little pain is not a big deal. Would be great to have the ability to switch to portrait within the app

- I wish we could zoom out a bit, it almost seems like it should be, some of the writing on the apron is not visible though i need to test all cameras

- With the dmd back at the top, the nice upper area is not really visible, not a bug but this connects to the camera view issue where if the camera was pulled back a bit more, this would not be an issue

- most of the views work but there is no perfect view, so hopefully more are coming.

- I mentioned the dmd bug earlier, where if you pick large dmd and upper left, part of it is offscreen.

Well done zen staff!