I have encountered a few bugs.

General: Some sound effects are dropping mid game. I played a game of Infinity Gauntlet and Boba Fett and after starting some missions, sound effects like bumper hits, spinner sounds, and flipper sounds are cutting in and out. I haven't tried reinstalling the app so I'm not sure if this is an isolated problem or not.

Infinity Gauntlet: During the space gem mission (purple ball), the indicator light on the 2nd phase of the mission sometimes does not flash so you don't know what lane to hit. In the first phase, Thanos stands over the lane you need to shot and the third phase you have to hit the purple portal that appears in the center of the playfield. But during the 2nd phase, you only have the flashing rainbow egg as an indicator of what lane to hit and if it is not flashing, you have to randomly hit that lane which is not fun when the mission is timed.

Boba Fett: I have already reported this bug on the ps3 but it also exists on iOS. If you launch the 80 million Boba Fett mission (the video mode mini game) via the sharpshooter skillshot mode, your ball will not lock and will you lose a ball as the video mode starts.

Episode V: I believe the Empire bug and Yoda/LANDO rollover bug that Grafl said he has fixed has not yet been applied to iOS. I deleted the SW pinball app but the bugs are probably still present on that table as well (including Boba Fett bug).

Shaman: I'm not sure if this is a bug or not because I'm not sure if the same problem exists on the consoles but I thought I would mention it. When shooting any of the CAST saucers in the center of the table, the kick out from those saucers will frequently cause a right outlane drain. It happens approximately 25-50% of the time. A nudge can sometimes prevent a drain but those kickouts are pretty brutal. It is similar problem with the center sinkhole on the Tesla table that kicks out the ball straight down the middle, which I am positive does not happen on the ps3. I don't think this has been fixed either.