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Thread: Boba Fett Ball Locking Advice?

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    Default Boba Fett Ball Locking Advice?

    Anyone have any tips on how to avoid losing the ball while trying to lock it in the Slave I ship after completing a mission? It seems like half the time I complete the 50 million point mission and then I lose the ball and don't get the points because I can't get the ball in the stupid ship, which is very frustrating.

    The first problem is that when it gives you the ball back after you put it in the extra ball sinkhole (to summon the ship), it comes down too fast to catch on the left flipper. So I have to flip and send it careening into this giant ship blocking the entire playfield, which makes for really bad and unpredictable bounces. Same problem if you don't get it locked on the first try. If it lands on top of the ship, the wing will usually guide the ball into the inlane, but then you are back to square one.

    The second problem is that half the time I think I have a direct hit on the back of the ship (the ball even goes out of view), but then it comes back out.

    The best way I have found is to have the ball cradled and wait for the ship to turn all the way to that side, if I can even get to that point.

    Obviously I try to have the WHIP save active whenever I can and I try to do bang backs if it does go down an outlane, but I still find this way too unforgiving.

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    hahaha. I know the feeling, buddy. This is probably my favorite table. The Slave 1 ball lock is a pain, but think about it, your getting a ton of points. It probably should be difficult. I have got it to go into the Slave 1 as soon as the ball drops. If you hit it almost at the last second, and can go in. But yeah, I usually use the technique you do. If you can get it to settle on a flipper, just wait for it to face you, and flip it in.

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    What I did in the beginning was nudge pass the ball to the right flipper, capture it and then time the show. This gave me the most accuracy.

    After playing the table so many times, I've learned the ships moving patterns and some safe flipper shots. I can usually sink the ball right into the ship with a single shot from the left flipper now.

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