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    I can completely understand why Zen wouldn't be optimistic about LEDWiz support with Pinball FX 2. Everyone's system is different, it takes a lot of time to plan out what table events should trigger each object, every table created from now on would need additional coding to support the LEDWiz, and Zen would need to support any related problem that arose, which would be on the users end 99% of the time. To me, the answer is simple. Let the cabinet community do all the work. There has to be some debugging tool running for Zen testers that lists game events. If we had a way to see those events, even if they were just sent to a text file, we could listen and fire up the LEDWiz. The names of methods called like leftFlipperFire, shakeTable, or gauntletMultiballStart would be all we would need to really enhance the game for cabinets. Does this sound like something in the realm of possibility?

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    The difficulty of implementation obviously depends a lot on how their code is written.

    Your Idea seems like a reasonable alternative in theory, if native support falls through...
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