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Thread: Multi Monitor Support?

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    Default Multi Monitor Support?

    I was soooo looking forward to this game and it seems there's no support for multiple monitors, and no support for eyefinity I can't even get the display to scale to the proper resolution, so I can't even SEE the options to change them. I've spent the whole day trying to get this to work and it seems the entire game is totally DOA

    It won't even cooperate with Display Fusion. I realize this game is ported, and instead of a false hope of "this issue is being looked into" I just want to know if there's seriously any hope that this will get fixed, if there's been any progress and when it might be working.

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    First of all all resolutions and options work just fine thousands of people playing with no problem.
    2nd if you would have took half a sec to look at other thread topics you would already see what has already been asked about and what they are working on.
    Saying that the game is crap then asking them to give you answers is not the best way to get a response. Look in the thread for cabinet support you will see a good bit of stuff.

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    scuse me, did I say it was crap for everyone? did I even say was it crap? no and no. how bout you lose the childish attitude fanboi, oh, and I did search.

    mmmm maybe you don't know what DOA means? that means dead on arrival. means there's issues as soon as I load. and what's wrong with asking for answers? give me a break. this is a forum. I think that's the whole point.
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    No fighting please!

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    Well, there's absolutely no need to play this game in Surround/Eyefinity. On my Surround set up (not the one I play this game on, though), I will usually change to the resolution of just the middle monitor for games that don't need it (e.g. Retro City Rampage) and the side screens will go black.

    If you can't get to the in-game resolution settings I could see that being a problem, though. Have you tried temporarily turning off the Eyefinity so the middle monitor is the only active one, then starting the game and selecting your resolution? Maybe it would stick then the next time you opened it with Eyefinity active. Or maybe the game would auto-revert to your native resolution, I'm not sure. Worth a shot?

    Edit: To be more clear...Your resolution is probably something like 5760 x 1080. Disable Eyefinity so it's 1920 x 1080, open PBFX and select resolution 1920 x 1080. Close PBFX, re-enable Eyefinity so you're back at 5760 x 1080. Open PBFX and hopefully it will stick at 1920 x 1080 and use just the middle monitor.
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