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Thread: Cross save? System exclusive features?

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    Default Cross save? System exclusive features?

    So just picked the game up and just finished beating Easy mode
    Master mode seemed insane in the demo but Have us forced to start at easy/medium really got me used to paying attention to where they came from to get the beats right.
    Anyways, Is there any sort of cross-save or will there be any?

    Also are there any differences between the two version?
    Ex: Vita has touchscreen controls, does PS3 have rumble?

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    Congrats on getting through "Easy" (Normal) - most people right now seem to be complaining about how hard the game is even on Normal. And that's (as you said) just the newbie mode - the game was primarily designed around higher difficulty levels.

    No Cross-Save planned right now. Would be nice, on each platform is annoying.

    The differences between platforms are very minimal, mostly just graphics. There's a split-screen multiplayer mode on PS3. I'm not sure on rumble, actually...all I have here are SixAxis controllers.

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