i bought the game on launch day, to be honest i didn´t hear about the game till a friend told me just a day before launch, and im so glad i tried it. so far i must say the gameplay is awesome and fun, and i really liked the tracks specially the voicians, celldweller and pendulum ones (but all the others are just perfect for the game).

now on to suggestions, or things i think that would help:

- on the leaderboards it would be nice to know on what level the player achieved the score, so if you try to beat a certain one, you try it on the same difficulty (or to at least know what kind of excecution is needed to beat that score).

- in freeplay is kinda ackward to select the difficulty and then the song, its kinda hard to track the score on the same song at different difficulties.

- on visualizer, a graphic with the tempo would help to understand better the timings on certain patterns.

to be honest i can think on other stuff, but none of the above is something that killed the great experience and fun im having with the game, i would love to see a dlc with more songs in the future (im not kinda into "beat your music" to be honest) and another storyline with those secret characters. thanks for reading this, and congratulations to the dev team.

pd: and sorry for my english, it´s not my first language