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Thread: Some more of Scott's brilliant song writing!

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    Default Some more of Scott's brilliant song writing!

    Scott wrote this for me a while back on the Nintendo Feed forums. What's so special about it is he came up with it in less then an hour. It is what ill be doing on the 19th!

    Couldn't paste it right from my phone so I linked the topic. Its on comment 4.

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    hahaha! This is pretty rad! Love how excited he gets over new content

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
    Love how excited he gets over new content
    Yeah, a new table is always exciting.

    I'm having trouble really getting inspired on the Balance of the Force pack though. I think it will take a release date to unleash the full poetic power these 3 new tables deserve.

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    Default music writing

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