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    Default Weapon Expert Trophy help

    Just to let you know great game. Im trying to get the trophy Weapon Expert and I did kill someone with every weapon, but my question is do you have to get a kill with all 8 characters with every weapon and including ghost mine??

    Im missing one of the power-ups cant remember what its called, but its the one you need the 300 shotgun kills. And do you need all the power-ups for this trophy too?

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    I did get the trophy now and to let others know you dont need to use the ghost mine and the knife with everyone.

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    Whats the deal with this, do i have to actually kill with every weapon in the box with each character or just kill with each and use every character? and do Bushwakkers arms count?

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    From what I can tell, you have to get a kill with every weapon as every character individually. So if you get a crossbow kill as the Punisher that doesn't mean you're done with the crossbow, you have to get a crossbow kill with every other character. I'm assuming Bushwacker's arms count, but as Deathstroke told us, you don't have to get knife kills.

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    Got it! Each Character must kill with every weapon at least once. Bushwackers arm cannons do count, knifes and ghost mines like said before do not however.

    Easiest way, is start with The Punisher and the 1st Handgun, Machine Gun and Rocket Launcher. once you get a kill with each let yourself get killed or suicide. Get the next batch and continue, if your in a hurry once your done with all the weapons for that Character quit the match and grab the next one. Rinse, Repeat.

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