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Thread: Bought Zen 2 Marvel tables instead of Marvel Pinball Tables and need help

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    Unhappy Bought Zen 2 Marvel tables instead of Marvel Pinball Tables and need help


    I'm having a problem with SCEA PlayStation that was unresolved. I bought every table available on Zen 2. I bought the Star Wars tables from that app, and imported them into Zen 2. Unfortunately, I was under the mistaken impression that Marvel Pinball was no longer available from PSN (I looked a few times but must have missed it).

    I called SCEA PlayStation Support and told them the issue. I had made the purchase about three weeks earlier, so I was within the refund date range. I didn't want a refund, I just wanted to exchange my Zen 2 tables for Marvel Pinball tables and the Marvel Pinball app, which all together is the exact same price I payed for the Zen 2 specific tables.

    They don't do exchanges so they processed it as a refund. I made it clear that I would use all the refund money to purchase the MP app and tables at the same expense. Even though the man I talked to was optimistic, I quickly received a letter from PlayStation stating that "all sales are final" and not much else. There were no avenues of appeal.

    That is why I am turning to you, Zen. Perhaps you can get me the MP app and tables in exchange for the Z2 specific ones. If you can't convince them to do so, perhaps you can make you Zen 2, Star Wars, and Marvel pinball apps to allow for exporting/importing from and to any appropriate app. If you did, I could import my tables into Marvel Pinball Demo app from Zen 2, instead of the other way around. Then Marvel Pinball, sensing the tables bought, would cease to be a demo version and be the full version. It's do-able.

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    Thanks so much.

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    We released Zen Pinball 2 a couple years after Marvel Pinball on PSN, and incorporated an import tool in ZP2 as a thank you to those who had already purchased tables in either Marvel Pinball or Zen Pinball. The reason you can’t import both ways is that the Marvel and Zen Pinball games do not have this import tool, only ZP2 does. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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