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Thread: Raising the Multiplier question

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    Question Raising the Multiplier question

    OK, I have been wondering about this for a long time. What exactly does raising a multiplier mean? Does that mean that one scores double, 4X or 10X the normal points?

    If this is the meaning, I notice that whenever I raise the multiplier, only the base score is taken into consideration. For example, if hitting a bumper gets you 500 points, when I raise the multiplier to 2X, hitting the same bumper still gets you 500 points.

    I may be mistaken here but I hope that someone can clarify this for me.


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    It's a multiplier that's performed on the end-of-ball bonus. Each table has different ways of raising the bonus but when it's awarded you will see it do a 2x, 3x, etc if you have a multiplier active. If you have a really good ball and a high multiplier you can get some huge points.

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