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Thread: [Bug] Some purchase is "Not Localized Yet"

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    Exclamation [Bug] Some purchase is "Not Localized Yet"

    Game Version: 1.26 [03-15-2014]
    Phone Hardware: Sprint Galaxy S4 (original, not tri-band) SPH-L720
    Phone Software: NAE, 4.4.2 Kit Kat
    Frequency: Only once so far.
    Date Encountered: 03-15-2014
    Description: \\
    Repeatable?: -- All I did was start the game after the update and encountered this. One of the "Buy for a discount" ads.
    Screenshot: //

    [File too large to be attached]
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    Thanks for reporting, it's a seasonal discount that triggered unexpectedly...
    Tamas Balog
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