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    I think this game should be a still be a top selling game. Apart from the shrine bug the game is excellent. There are so many holes and courses you could play this game for years without getting bored of it. I think I have played every mini/crazy golf that has ever been released (I am old lol). Planet minigolf is by far the best with mini golf maniacs coming second. I got this game about 2 months ago. Since getting the game I have played random local multi play courses with a friend daily. It's a pity a PC version was never released. My hat is off to some of the people who have made holes and courses. There are loads of really well thought out custom made holes. Every time somebody tells me they have a PS3 I recommend this game.

    I have a problem with online play. When I choose online play I seem to struggle to find players. I am not sure if that is because people don't play this game so much any more? As I wait for other online players every now again my name disappears from the waiting for players list. I think I may be getting disconnected form the server and reconnected. The reason I say that when I eventually do find another online player I rarely get to play all 9 holes. At some point I will get a message that says disconnected from the server.

    I have a good fairly good internet connection of 37 meg download and 8 meg upload. I never get disconnections when playing other online games, surfing the web, watching you tube etc. I play online games with my PC and PS3. I am in the UK.

    Does anybody else have problems keeping connected to the server when playing online? Do I need to open any ports on my router?
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