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Thread: Update Changelogs

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    Post Update Changelogs

    1.41 Beta release 2014.04.15.

    - Daily Reward fixed
    - Facebook posts/invites now leave proper notifications
    - Reduced price of avoiders, powerups and boosters
    - Coupons are now always awarded for the last played campaign

    1.34 Beta released 2014.04.02.

    - Fixed crash on the Homecoming battle
    - Fixed crash on Clash of Nations battle
    - Fixed crash on Heroes All Stars
    - Store text localization for FIGS + Hungarian languages
    - Fixed multiple achievement descriptions in Hungarian
    - Fixed VIP purchase issues
    - Fixed crash when touching multiple items at once in the store
    - Gameplay balancing
    - Daily reward made more consistent
    - Dragrith's vulnerable parts are now luminescent
    - Checbox selection on My Castles screen
    - Restore Purchases fixed
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